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Release notes - eZ Publish 5 Comunity Project 2012.11


This is the second eZ Publish 5 release of Community Project!

It comprises an eZ Publish 4.x build, under ezpublish_legacy (at the root of your eZ Publish 5 installation), that you can extract and use as a stand-alone version. We highly recommend, however, to get acquainted with the brand new eZ Publish 5 stack :). If you are not sure what this means, have a look at the announcement from The Community Project Board.


Installation of eZ Publish 5

The normal installation procedure for the eZ Publish 5 stack must be followed (make sure to follow the Virtual Host based installation procedure in the latter to initiate the setup wizard).


Resources, documentation & rendez-vous to discuss 

Read Damien's story of the upgrade of to eZ Publish 5. Also, take a look at this tutorial by Granite Horizon, to take a safe start in creating controllers for eZ Publish 2012.11. 


Still up-to-date

Our core-team has blogged on the fly when developing eZ Publish 5, here is a short overview:

We discussed the topic extensively at the first eZ Community UnConference, and got our first hands-on experience on Symfony 2.

We have also been speaking at:

Last, but not least: the eZ Publish 5 documentation still is under construction, but great moves were achieved since 2012.9. You can find it here:, notably the Cookbook for developers. Feedback appreciated on this too.

Feedback/reports are key, more than ever

Our community is at a turning point, where feedback is more important than ever. Should you encounter issues installing eZ Publish 5, using it, stumbling upon missing functionalities, or be willing to take an active part in eZ Publish 5 development, like some already did, use the following resources:


Known issues

  • When trying to sign-in, through the 5.x stack, you will encounter an issue if you are running PHP 5.4 or above.
  • The final screen of the installation wizard still requires you to enter information to be able to finalize the installation. We will make this an opt-in step, as discussed here.


  • 42 bug-fixes for registered issues
  • 30 pull-requests merged (Scooore again! Keep-on rocking fellas!)
  • 2 enhancements

See the changelog for details

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