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Changelog from Community Project 2012.11 to Community Project 2012.12

eZ Publish 5 stack (github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish5)

  • Add --prefer-dist to composer instructions
  • Fix RemotePackagesIndexURL example w/ correct path
  • Update RemotePackagesIndexURL example to use 5.0.0
  • Update composer to get even-log
  • Fixed: typo

eZ Publish API (github.com/ezsystems/ezp-next)

Pull requests

  • Merge pull request #204 from crevillo/EZP-20314-2
  • Merge pull request #202 from crevillo/EZP-20314-2
  • Merge pull request #199 from crevillo/EZP-20298
  • Merge pull request #200 from crevillo/EZP-20299


  • Fixed EZP-20314 - Wrong phpdoc in handle methods of many criterionHandlers. Error also present in CriterionHandler class
  • Fixed EZP-20298 - Confusing phpdoc documentation in UrlAlias Criterion
  • Fixed EZP-20299 - Small typo in phpdoc for ContentTypeId Criterion
  • Fixed EZP-20298 - Confusing phpdoc documentation in UrlAlias Criterion
  • Fix EZP-20281 ezcBaseValueException when executing setup commands


  • Optimize away unneded use of getFieldDefinition() during content loading
  • Removed: deprecated method
  • Fix boostraping legacy in functional tests, check existence of EZCBASE_ENABLED
  • Fix indentation on .travis.yml git depth param
  • Add --prefer-dist to composer install instruction & in .travis.yml
  • Try to minimize travis failures by temporary reducing env's & size of fetched git history
  • Fix cs in FactoryTest
  • Fix boostrap.php to be able to run unit tests from any folder (using for instance PHPStorm)
  • Tests: Added missing coverage of Persistence\InMemory\Handler methods
  • Added Persistence Factory for use to lazy load persistence
  • PHPDoc: Missing var doc in LegacyStorageEngineFactory
  • Changed: service aliases (cleanup)
  • Merge branch 'integrationtests-limitation'
  • Fixed ObjectStateLimitationTest to use correct default states
  • Rename StateLimitation to ObjectStateLimitation
  • Refactor Limitations to use Persistence instead of Repository
  • Add support for service aliases
  • Fix typo recursivly > recursively
  • Fixed SubtreeLimitation throwing to eagerly on type
  • Merge branch 'master' into integrationtests-limitation
  • Add zetacomponents/event-log dependencie as used by ezcDebug
  • Code style issues fixed.
  • Added: Test for the ParentUserGroupLimitation
  • Duplicate code in test class refactored into separate method.
  • Duplicate code removed from SubtreeLimitationTest
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into integrationtests-limitation
  • Added: Integration test for the LocationLimitation
  • Superfluous test class removed.
  • Several limitation tests moved into separate test classes
  • SubtreeLimitation test moved into separate test class
  • Refactored: ParentDepthLimitation test moved to separate class.
  • Fixed: Invalid filename for test
  • Refactored: OwnerLimitation test moved to separate class
  • Added: Limitation test directory to PHPUnit config
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into integrationtests-limitation
  • Added: Integration test for the NewSectionLimitation
  • Integration tests for LanguageLimitation extracted.
  • ParentOwnerLimitationTest moved into separate class
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into integrationtests-limitation
  • Added: Integration test for the UserGroupLimitation
  • Limitation test restructuring started.
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into integrationtests-limitation
  • Tested: failing StateLimitation, waiting for feedback
  • Fixed: Wrong usage of SubtreeLimitation
  • Complex test szenario for several limitation types started
  • Fixed: Also execute limitation tests for solr backend.
  • Tested: ParentOwnerLimitation with allow and forbid path
  • Fixed: Use generated IDs instead of hard coded magic numbers.
  • Tested: ParentDepthLimitation and ContentTypeLimitation
  • Tested: LanguageLimitation allow and forbid path
  • Superfluous limitation stuff removed.
  • Tested: OwnerLimitation with forbid and accept path
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into integrationtests-limitation
  • Use inline delegate method as test fixture.
  • Integration tests added rest phpunit.xml files.
  • Skip limitation tests for in memory stub implementation.
  • Test code simplified.
  • Added: Limitation tests to phpunit.xml.dist
  • Implemented: Keep policy limitations in memory implementation.

eZ Publish Legacy Stack (LS) (github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish)


  • Fix EZP-20224: Impossible to set default selection item on relation attribute
  • Make sure mysqli driver honors persistent connections (and behaves better in master-slave mode when 1st connection fails)
  • Fixed EZP-19684: Search engine doesn't handle curly quotes correctly (part 2)


  • Fixed travis settings to avoid timeout while cloning the repository
  • Update kernel/classes/datatypes/ezxmltext/ezxmloutputhandler.php
  • Fix EZP-20251: Unable to run functional tests if legacy stack is involved
  • Removed class_exists check for Composer CLassLoader

Pull requests

  • 526: from patrickallaert/EZP-19684
  • 530: from gggeek/issue_20245
  • 531: from dpobel/symfony_functional_tests
  • 534: from npanau/patch-1
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