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Changelog from Community Project 2012.3 to Community Project 2012.4

Pull requests

  • Merge pull request 324 from crevillo/issue-019315
  • Merge pull request 334 from trolek/localization
  • Merge pull request 333 from netbliss/master
  • Merge pull request 331 from taenadil/master
  • Merge pull request 306 from crevillo/issue-019242
  • Merge pull request 328 from ptheo/localization
  • Merge pull request 323 from patrickallaert/optimize-eZTemplateSectionIterator-attributes-handling
  • Merge pull request 320 from ljo/master
  • Merge pull request 319 from trolek/localization
  • Merge pull request 321 from SylvainGuittard/master


  • 19158 : limitation on Group in createPermissionCheckingSQL is very slow in sites with populated groups
  • 19198 : Style conflict between Calendar and eZ Flow layout block
  • 19243 : Sso login mechanism should break inmediately after found a valid ssouser
  • 19246 : Preview not working correctly with Html5 Videos
  • 19297 : clustering doesn't respect StoreFilePermissions
  • 19299 : Uploading an image to an article in IE8 raises an error
  • 19305 : 500 response received when using REST without auth and with non GET verb
  • 19307 : Fix and restore eZFS2 unit test
  • 19315 : Mysterious variable in site.ini file
  • 19323 : Fail to upload docx files with DFS
  • 19337 : Database Check Failed after upgrading from Ez Publish 4.6 > 4.7 rc1 with Postgres (step 1) (cherry picked from commit bb1e7d59930b2de932986377551a74d010f16c71)
  • 19354: ezcontentstaging : changing main node assignment is not synced on postgres
  • 19366 : Uploading images to a dfs mysql cluster not working
  • 19382 : ezformtoken not present in dfs cluster mysql
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZXMLTextTest
  • Fixed: not using variable where reference is expected in eZRoleTest
  • Fixed: not using variable where reference is expected in eZPolicyTest
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZDFSFileHandler
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZDFSFileHandlerMySQLBackend
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZDFSFileHandlerMySQLiBackend
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZDBFileHandler
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZDBFileHandlerMysqliBackend
  • Fixed: array to string conversion in eZDBFileHandlerMysqlBackend
  • Fixed: Using deprecated/removed assertType() calls
  • Fixed test to make it work with PHP 5.2
  • Fixed: change max size of a mimetype to 255 in eZ DFS
  • Fixed the initialization of unit tests related to file handlers and cluster systems


  • 19242 : Avoid file_exists calls in sso mechanism


  • localization: updated pol-PL translation.ts
  • Italian translation for 4.7
  • localization: updated ell-GR translation.ts
  • localization: updated ell-GR translation.ts
  • localization: updated ell-GR translation.ts
  • Translating new strings in Swedish, swe-SE, for ezpublish.
  • localization: updated pol-PL translation.ts


  • Removed: getName() method that prevents PHPUnit 3.6 to work correctly
  • Removed: uneeded empty constructor
  • Reconfigure branch for rc1 (cherry picked from commit d4bc6a46b9a8fdb5da01de8b26842d239956986a)
  • Reconfigured branch (cherry picked from commit 6c879fd2f3dde2f6eaeec17190c9c56ac5ecd04f)
  • Removed wrong phpunit.xml
  • Skipped DFS/PostgreSQL tests when the extension isn't installed
  • Renamed cluster update SQL file
  • Ref #19323 : Update base schema SQL files forMySQL cluster (DB & DFS)
  • Update site registration text to avoid to long text on small display
  • Disable site registration form on submit
  • Updated site registration with privacy text
  • Updated site registration text in setup wizard
  • Added setting to avoid potential access to blacklisted attributes containing sensitive data
  • Optimized: eZTemplateSectionIterator attributes handling
  • Changed: enable eZFS2 unit tests
  • Syntax fix (information collection)
  • Removed: unused variables
  • Reverted unwanted version change
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