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Changelog from Community Project 2012.4 to Community Project 2012.5


  • 11577 : workflow cancelled when reediting the draft of a previously rejected content
  • 11739 : others dbs than mysql miss code to sort a search result.
  • 18451 : oauth/authorize doesn't work to deny access
  • 18581 : XSS issue for ezoption templates
  • 19173 : switchlanguage/to loses the search query
  • 19282 : Unable to refresh token via POST method after upgrading to 2012.2
  • 19336 : flatten.php database timeouts leading to segmentation fault.
  • 19408 : A warning should be showed in case custom sso class don't exist

Pull requests

  • 332: from sanpii/master
  • 341: from jihonrado/issue-019282
  • 342: from jihonrado/issue-018451
  • 343: from crevillo/issue-019408


  • Implemented: reindex object when always available flag is changed
  • Fixed: wrong "INNER JOIN" usage since 24bd6d8b3992236a4b5f47852cf335b28b8d50f0
  • Reconfigure master for next version
  • Updated setup wizard styling
  • Adjust CSS for admin2 header media query a bit to suite two header setup for 1100px width screen
  • Fixed EZPNEXT-538 ezdemodesign: Improve out of the box default settings
  • Add BC note on change of behavior in ezpMvcRailsRoute
  • Deprecate byRef use of eZSession::get() and eZHTTPTool->sessionVariable()
  • Undefine HTTP_USER_AGENT and HTTP_ACCEPT headers
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