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Changelog from Community Project 2012.5 to Community Project 2012.6


  • #19062: URL Wildcard not working due to url alias placeholder
  • #19169: duplicated object state groups after changing default language
  • #19180: ezpSessionHandlerPHP based sites don't expire active user sessions upon deactivation of the user
  • #19190: eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeByNodeID language / attribute filter bug
  • #19251: Wrong participant list for collaboration notifications when running cronjob
  • #19349: Table Width not being respected in eZP 4.6
  • #19353: Webshop Redirect after add to basket not working with lazy sessions
  • #19401: custom tags attributes using mixed case - error while enabling OE
  • #19439: Section assignment in content edit doesn't clear cache
  • #19440: Installation failed at Site selection
  • #19453: Some cluster related "define" calls are not commented in config.php-RECOMMENDED file
  • #19460: language_switcher template operator does not take the query string into account
  • #19480: ezcache.php --clear-all --purge deletes ALL images with eZFS2
  • #19512: Regression: 'Language' parameter not considered any more in eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeByNodeID()


  • #18435: List also the Scripts[] from CronsjobsSettings
  • #19477: Assigning section and object states shouldn't be part of content edit

Pull requests

  • #347: from patdec/install-failed-019440
  • #348: from gggeek/issue_014172
  • #350: from crevillo/issue-019453
  • #354: from emodric/croatian_locale_fix
  • #356: from Heliopsis-HQ/objectattribute_patch
  • #360: from websoftix/runcronjobs--list
  • #362: from ezsystems/languageAttributeFilterIssue
  • #364: from ezsystems/19169_duplicate_object_state_group
  • #366: from jjCavalleri/19353


  • Moved PostgreSQL upgrade script to correct place
  • initialize content object validation parameters to avoid PHP notice
  • Documented absolute VarDir/CacheDir as not officially supported
  • Fix month and day names in Croatian locale
  • Since we don't recommend using the 'script' param anymore to load tpl ops but rely on class autoloading, change the instructions we give in comment form for creating new ops
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