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eZ Publish Community Project 2013.06

What you are downloading

You are using the innovative and cutting-edge version of eZ Publish, built by eZ Systems and the eZ Community.

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Kernel Dashboard

Version : Release date : Requirements :
Community Project 2013.06 (7th "eZ Publish 5 build") June. 14th, 2013

PHP >= 5.3.3 (5.3.7 known to be bugged)
MySQL >= 5.0.51a
PostgreSQL >= 8

If using eZ Find : Java <= 1.6 or >= 1.7.1


Extensions Dashboard

Bundled and enabled

  • ezoe-5.1.0
  • eztags-1.3.0-dev
  • ezodf-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezmultiupload-5.1.0
  • ezcomments-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezautosave-5.1.0
  • ezjscore-5.1.0
  • ezie-5.1.0
  • ezformtoken-5.1.0
  • ezprestapiprovider-5.1.0

Bundled but not enabled

  • ezfind-5.1.0
  • ezscriptmonitor-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)

Optional installation (depending on the package chosen during the installation wizard)

  • ezdemo-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezdemodesign-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezflow-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezgmaplocation-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezstarrating-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezwebin-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)
  • ezwt-5.1.0 (ezpublish-5.1.0)


No extension download for now, coming up soon!

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