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Release Notes - eZ Publish 5 Community Project 2014.11

Important Information Before You Start Installing

  • This is the 14th "eZ Publish 5" build, that comprises an eZ Publish 4.x build, under the 'ezpublish_legacy' folder, at the root of your eZ Publish 5 installation. We highly recommend, however, to get acquainted with the brand new eZ Publish 5 stack :)



Make sure to check the eZ Publish 2014.11 system requirements before proceeding.

Proceeding: One Major Tip

When installing on a linux/UNIX system or Windows-based system, make sure to create a Virtual Host, before starting the installation wizard (this step is highly recommended).



The main entry point of knowledge for you is the eZ Publish 5 Cookbook. 

Other interesting resources:


Feedback/reports are key, more than ever

Our community is at a turning point, where feedback is more important than ever. Should you encounter issues installing eZ Publish 5, using it, stumbling upon missing functionality, or be willing to take an active part in eZ Publish 5 development, like some already did, use the following resources:




Read The Fine Manual (and please give feedback)

You can find it here:, notably the Cookbook for developers. Feedback appreciated on this too!

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