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3.2 url management question

3.2 url management question

Wednesday 27 August 2003 11:44:11 am - 2 replies

I'm playing with url translation but im a little stuck.

I thought that url translation meant that we would be able to control the way urls display in the browser, like the current 3.1 method for nice urls. But when i try all i get is a redirect. instead of displaying the text for the current screen the system tries to load in that new page...

For example, im trying to hide my content/edit calls, so i try in the url translation screen:

content/edit/100/2 -> my_folder/my_place

when i then goto my edit screen ez tries to interpret 'my_folder' as a module and complains. on my system 'my_folder' is a standard folder object and so should resolve properly. 'my_place' is a made up name as it is just text i want the user to see. if i blank out the text for where the url is meant to point to i get a redirect to the home page.

In addition i would like to remove the content object id and version information from the url, so i would prefer:

content/edit/* -> wherever


content/edit/*/*/ -> wherever

Is this possible with url translation?

I seem to be missing the correct usage for this function. Can some documentation for it be created?


Saturday 13 September 2003 12:15:10 pm

You try to use nice urls with module functions other that view. For editing or creating content, the ez documentation recommends to avoid using nice urls, since nice urls are designed for (and depend on) existing node objects in the content tree.

Saturday 13 September 2003 8:22:03 pm

My hope here is to not use nice urls but to have ez 'mask' the real url with url i have given it.

In the example i gave i can't use nice urls as i am editing a node. I don't want the user to see the content/edit part.

Though i haven't tried this with beta 2. Can someone from ez comment on this?



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