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3.5 -> How can I recreated image variations

3.5 -> How can I recreated image variations

Wednesday 16 March 2005 7:40:42 am - 5 replies

I have read somewhere in forums that if I delete image variations then the new image system will recreate the files. So I delete the file myr350/var/web/storage/media/images/destacados/aguardos/2152-1-esl-ES/aguardos_large.jpg (Now I have only "aguardos.jpg" in that directory), I deleted caches and I reload the page.

The page not show image, it show nothing. In source code the image data is missing:


<img src="/myr350" width="" height=""  border="0" alt="" title="" />

So, how can I recreate image variatons;

Thanks in advance
Adolfo Barragán


Wednesday 16 March 2005 9:31:41 am

Hi Adolfo,

I too thought that unexisting image variations automatically created themselves. Have you tried turning on debugging to see what it says when you load the page with the missing image?

Wednesday 16 March 2005 12:05:50 pm


The empty image tag usually means your webserver does not have writeaccess to the correct directory.

Wednesday 16 March 2005 12:19:44 pm

I turn on Debug and I can see that original image an directory not exists (the version is 2, not 1).

I've created the directory with the original file and it working Ok.

Thanks to all
Adolfo Barragán

Thursday 17 November 2005 4:15:41 pm

Is there a "human" way to recreate images variations.

Please give me some hints to recreate all images , I have changed the sizes of variations and I would like to have all the images done again..


Friday 18 November 2005 12:11:43 am

Really need a solution for that too - over 30000 images in system and the jpg compression value was upped, need to remove old variations.

Deleting file does not help.

hmm.. (half a hour later)

Ok, i found it strange that even new images did not look better after quality change so i replaced the convert command to see whats going on and lo:

/usr/bin/convert | -quality 85 -geometry 100x100> -geometry 250x250 var/plain/storage/images/testing/proov4/425603-1-nor-NO/proov4.jpg JPEG:var/plain/storage/images/testing/proov4/425603-1-nor-NO/proov4_small.jpg

Downsizing to 100x100 as first step really does not help happy.gif Emoticon I had forgot to add
in my image.ini override, so 100x100 default came in too from main ini.

WHAT THE HELL - all images instantly became of better quality? What made the variants update?

(a hour and some later)

Well at first it seemed ez recreates variants at every load but through some experimentation i found out that clicking CLEAR ALL CACHES in admin will force ez to invalidate old ones and recreate each variant that is encountered in pageload, although the old FILES are NOT removed by cache clean. Even more strangery, invoking any clean cache options (except Clear All) separately from popup does NOT invalidate old images, only the clear all option does.

What the hell is going on here??

At least one thing is good tho - just a click to "clear all caches" will essentially update all image variants on site.

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