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About PHP... And 3rdparty scripts...

About PHP... And 3rdparty scripts...

Wednesday 09 April 2003 7:18:29 pm - 3 replies


How could I use other PHP scripts with eZPublish?? I'm building this huge portal, and I need to implement some other scripts to eZ somehow... ie. My own PHP/MySql scripts. And right now we use some ready opensource scripts in our project, so how can I use them inside eZPublish?

Please help me somehow... I should already be building this site, but still have some doubts on few things. So if anyone in the community has already implemented some scripts to eZ I would love to know which and how...

Actually, if someone even would give me a hint how to do this kind of things I would be very happy ...

And what is this file ezphpcreator.php in eZPublish? What's its purpose?

And do I have to write all the add-on scripts to modules to eZ for them to work?

P.S. I'm using eZ 3.0.1


Thursday 10 April 2003 1:25:04 am

First Look:


Thursday 10 April 2003 1:32:02 pm

Yes, I have readed it while ago, but I stil don't get the whole picture... Does it mean that I have to write every code again so they print the output to variable...?

ie. If I needed to use some another messageboard or payment system than eZ, would I need to write all the code again? I really hope I don't have to do that... Or is it possible if I make them as modules? And if I have to make them as modules, will it be difficult? I'm speaking now about BIG scripts not just any "few file, one function" scripts...

And I should be starting this week, so I'm in a rush. If someone in community have made some of these things I would be very happy to receive some info...

Thanks for your help,

Tuesday 22 April 2003 12:50:34 pm

Got the same problem as i´m going to take from phpnuke to ez3. I´m really cool with most of it, but i _really_ need a topsites module, polls, a personal message system would be cool and some more "community"-modules..

Same situation: i got almost every script needed - just need a clue on how to import/integrate them into ezPublish3.x... Any help would be nice!


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