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Admin 2 children columns display

Admin 2 children columns display

Thursday 17 November 2011 4:57:03 pm - 3 replies

Hello u all...

Got a very odd problem today with the admin2 children display... it was loading the children nodes displaying all the table columns instead of showing only the default ones .

I spent a few hours on this and found out that the problem comes from this lines in the ezajaxsubitems_datatable.js script :

            shownColumns = getCookieSubMultiValue(confObj.navigationPart);
            if (shownColumns == null) shownColumns = confObj.defaultShownColumns[confObj.navigationPart];

That's on line 412 of the script. In fact the problem is that the getCookieSubMulitValue() method returns an empty string so that shownColumns is not null..

But that isn't really the question.. What I just can't figure out is that everithing was working well in the admin I emptied the cache and that went wrong... 

Ilf someone here just has some clue to help me find what the f. I might have done to make that go wrong.

Thursday 17 November 2011 5:24:20 pm

In fact looks like something ?! wrote wrong data in the cookie that's why the cookie returned an empty string...

I'll keep trying to dig that a bit more.

Friday 18 November 2011 12:23:00 pm

Ok I like this writing questions an answers.

In fact, I'm running a ez4.4 release. For some purpose, I had to load a specific jquery library and that is a 1.6 release.

By a matter of fact, this release implements the prop method to fetch an attribute ... but the script that deals with the column options in the ez4.4 release works with a 1.4.2 jquery release.

So that's the hole thing about it... set the correct jquery release and now it works.

Thursday 19 January 2012 6:08:54 pm

I ran into the same issue today and fixed the behaviour with a small change in the ezajaxsubitems_datatable.js file. Here is the corresponding pull request on github:


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