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AdvancedObjectRelationList, how to do without ?

AdvancedObjectRelationList, how to do without ?

Tuesday 11 December 2007 12:59:50 pm - 7 replies


On several site, I use the configuration


With this configuration I can define in a class an attribute "ObjectRelation". This attribute allows the user to create an object on the fly, directly linked to the attribute (the new object will not have a node assigment)

My question is : How to do reproduce this feature without this configuration, and moreover, is the configuration bad or depreacated ?

When I read this

I don't know what to think about the configuration...

Thanks for your explanation blunk.gif Emoticon


Modified on Tuesday 11 December 2007 3:22:58 pm by Sébastien Morel

Thursday 13 December 2007 4:06:59 pm

Hi Sébastien,

Have a look at the objectrelationbrowse datatype:

Kind regards,

Friday 14 December 2007 1:13:03 pm


It's exactly that I meant.

Testing this extension I found a strange behavior, When I create a new object (an embedded object, at the first publishing, in the relation list there is two relation...

There is an example:
I have configure the atttribute (in the class article) with the default browse methode and permit the "create new object", and the new object will not be placed in the content tree.

The creation and the edition works fine, but the first time when I add a new object in the attribute, the list of relation (when I see the list in the admin interface) I have :

Related objects [2] Class Relation type
dqsdqsdqs Society Attribute ( Test extension )
dqsdqsdqs Society Attribute ( Title )

When I re-edit the object (which have the attribute) and that I just publish (without change anything) the relation become :
Related objects [2] Class Relation type
dqsdqsdqs Society Attribute ( Test extension )

Is it a bug ?

Thanks for your explantation

Modified on Friday 14 December 2007 1:14:39 pm by Sébastien Morel

Monday 17 December 2007 2:21:07 pm


has someone tested this extension? Did you encountered this bug ?

Thanks for your help.


Wednesday 19 December 2007 9:25:17 am

Hi Sébastien,

Could you send the screenshots to info[ at ]contactivity[ dot ]com, so I can have a look at it?

Wednesday 19 December 2007 2:59:03 pm


I send a mail this morning, thanks for your help blunk.gif Emoticon

Has any of you ever noticed this bug before ? Have you already tested this extension with "create object on the fly" ?

Maybe, I have a particular configuration( eZ 3.9.0), thus Sebastiaan van der Vliet don't have to investigate....


Modified on Wednesday 19 December 2007 3:00:27 pm by Sébastien Morel

Saturday 22 December 2007 2:44:36 pm


Sebastiaan did you have the time to make researches ?


Thursday 28 May 2009 1:18:17 pm


I found a bug at line 1240 of datatype/ezobjectrelationbrowsetype.php

$object->addContentObjectRelation( $objectID, $ObjectVersion, $ContentObjectID, $contentClassAttributeID);

This line must be :

$object->addContentObjectRelation( $objectID, $ObjectVersion, $contentClassAttributeID,eZContentObject::RELATION_ATTRIBUTE);

according the declaration method in kernel/classes/ezcontentobject.php line 2565

function addContentObjectRelation( $toObjectID,
                                       $fromObjectVersion = false,
                                       $attributeID = 0,
                                       $relationType = eZContentObject::RELATION_COMMON )

Without this fix, the datatype works fine, but the relation and reverse relation list was wrong in the admin interface and moreover an bad record was present in ezcontentobject_link table.

Strangely, when you published the content a second time, the bug was self-fixed... (the ezcontentobject_link table was fixed by another way in the code)



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