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[AJAX-TreeMenu] ezodcsm extension discussion

[AJAX-TreeMenu] ezodcsm extension discussion

Wednesday 02 November 2005 10:25:12 am - 93 replies

The "eZ On Demand Contenstructurmenu" (ezodcsm) extension helps you to work with the tree menu in the admin interface even if you have lot's of objects in your content tree.

You can find more information about it here:

This is the place were you can discuss about it, post bugs, make suggestions, post translations, etc.

Feel free to try out this extension, as it won't harm your eZ publish installation - and "share your information" with the community...

Modified on Wednesday 27 February 2008 12:58:04 am by Daniel Beyer

Monday 10 April 2006 1:04:39 pm

Ok, i've added the code on another branch:

Have a play!

As our support will show virtual years and months it will only activate for folders which are sorted by either the published or modified date. We think this makes sense happy.gif Emoticon

It will work on 3.7 but notices are shown so disable these in index.php. Someone could make a branch to remove the few notices that appear for a pure 3.7+ version happy.gif Emoticon This version works for 3.6+ if notices are disabled.

ShowClasses/HideClasses does work happy.gif Emoticon

If there are issues please let us know.


Monday 10 April 2006 5:19:12 pm

Hi Paul,

changing the structure in svn is just fine with me.

I'll take a look to our contribution soon!!!

Greetings, Daniel.

Monday 10 April 2006 5:34:21 pm

I've just added a new tag for the 1.0.7 release:

This should allow those who need the current release to fetch if they need.


Monday 10 April 2006 9:54:05 pm

There is no menu when i add another location to node (when i browse for new location) on ezp3.6.6

--- UDPATED (18.04.2006) ---

I upgrade from 1.0.7 to the SVN Trunk (revision 1055) and now is all ok blunk.gif Emoticon

Modified on Tuesday 18 April 2006 5:42:37 pm by Dariusz Włodarczyk

Wednesday 12 April 2006 12:54:43 pm

Is there any option to increase timeout, because im my case, when i'm unfonding some folders give me "Unable to expand menu. Remote server error".
I think that is a timeout problem, because it runs really well in smaller structures.

------ UPDATE ----

i forgot to clear cache in this website after activare this extension, so this was my fault.

Modified on Wednesday 12 April 2006 3:30:45 pm by Paulo Almeida

Wednesday 12 April 2006 3:42:50 pm

Which version of the extension are you using? There are now three:

SVN Trunk (only available on
SVN Virtual_Folders (only available on


Tuesday 18 April 2006 9:11:40 pm

Hi Paul

I have installed it from svn on 3.8.0rc1 and I don't see tree anymore?!
Is it supposed to work on 3.8.0 or I just have to wait for new release? blunk.gif Emoticon

Best regards,

Wednesday 19 April 2006 9:42:14 am

If some users have trouble using the menu in the sense of they only see a small white space below the menu when they click on the [+] sign, it can be solved by disabling template debug and list of used templates options happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 19 April 2006 10:07:45 am

I havent tried with 3.8 yet happy.gif Emoticon Are there any errors being reported in the debug?

Wednesday 19 April 2006 10:53:03 am

Hi Paul

No errors in debug just some warnings about missing translation happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 19 April 2006 12:59:47 pm

I'll try to take a look later today happy.gif Emoticon

Which version of the menu are you using?


Modified on Wednesday 19 April 2006 1:00:57 pm by Paul Forsyth

Wednesday 19 April 2006 1:27:28 pm

I've checked with 3.8 beta2 and it works as expected. I used the virtual_folders branch to test with.

One thing to watch out for is that with 3.8 in settings/contentstructuremenu.ini the default items shown in the menu are:


which is a weird choice to me.

this might explain why you dont see any entries in the menu.


Thursday 20 April 2006 11:23:45 am

Sebastian wrote:
If some users have trouble using the menu in the sense of they only see a small white space below the menu when they click on the [+] sign, it can be solved by disabling template debug and list of used templates options happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks a lot for this hint!
Can this be fixed? It's a weird and unexpected dependency that breaks this otherwise great extension.

Thursday 20 April 2006 11:36:51 am

Could you provide steps to allow this issue to be reproduced?

I've just tried and the template debug view explodes all templates which i feel is to be expected. However, i think you must be speaking about something else.


Thursday 20 April 2006 11:58:33 am

The menu won't show at all in admin/content/browse, e.g. when browsing for adding a related object during edit.
I get an error and a warning:

Error: eZTemplate
No such attribute for array(7): node_id
Choose one of following: navigation_part, path, content, is_default_navigation_part, ui_context, ui_component, uri
Warning: PHP
Undefined variable:  ezcst_unfolded_node_list in D:\WWW\ezpublish\extension\ezodcsm\modules\odcsm\ezodcsmfunctioncollection.php on line 48

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:09:21 pm

Which version of the menu are you using?

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:20:16 pm

ezpublish 3.7.4
ezodcsm 1.07

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:24:50 pm

Would you able to try the version(s) in svn? The trunk and 'virtual_folders' branch have improvements.

Modified on Thursday 20 April 2006 12:25:04 pm by Paul Forsyth

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:39:14 pm

I am a bit confused as to what the difference is between the different branches on svn. Can anyone explain which is what?

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:50:22 pm

The virtual_folders branch contains the improvements David wrote about on the 5th April in this thread. That branch also includes the 1.0.8 changes that are in the trunk.

The trunk contains the 1.0.8 changes.

You do need to read through this thread to see whats what happy.gif Emoticon



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