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[AJAX-TreeMenu] ezodcsm extension discussion

[AJAX-TreeMenu] ezodcsm extension discussion

Wednesday 02 November 2005 10:25:12 am - 93 replies

The "eZ On Demand Contenstructurmenu" (ezodcsm) extension helps you to work with the tree menu in the admin interface even if you have lot's of objects in your content tree.

You can find more information about it here:

This is the place were you can discuss about it, post bugs, make suggestions, post translations, etc.

Feel free to try out this extension, as it won't harm your eZ publish installation - and "share your information" with the community...

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Monday 28 August 2006 12:36:05 am

Tried the 1.0.8 from the svn and it still has the old memory overflow problem. On a site with about 3000 objects and 96Mb php memory limit, ez dies from overflow. Small sites are ok and fast. I guess it attempts a fetch somewhere which returns all objects in site, why is that? It only should fetch top level at first load. Am i missing something?

cheers, zrg

Monday 25 September 2006 8:19:42 am

Can someone tell me if any of the svn versions is compatible with 3.8?


Monday 25 September 2006 10:27:48 am

Hi guys,

When i've tried 3.8 with the virtual folders branch it does work but with a few warnings. I need to iron this out. As long as your error_reporting is set accordingly it should be fine. Apart from the updated menu options...

I've started some work on removing the need for node fetchs in the templates. This improves performance somewhat because most of the work is performed by mysql and not php. I still have a few things to finish before i check in but its looking promising.


Monday 25 September 2006 10:41:21 am

Hi Paul

I did briefly checkout the virtual folders branch with 3.8.4. Although I wasn't sure what the differences was meant to be from the main trunk. There does appear to be a bug where folders are been shown that do not actually exist in the content tree. Without documentation I wasn't sure if this was a feature rather than a bug (as its name suggests). But I can't tell how this is meant to be useful if it is.


Monday 25 September 2006 10:54:53 am

Yip, with vf and nodes sorted by a date attribute such as modified and published the tree will show additional folders categorised by a date system. If this is what you see then its not a bug happy.gif Emoticon

One aim of this feature was to reduce server load when the number of children was large. VF kicks in after an ini-defined number of children.

However, if you have improvement to suggest please list them.

I dont think i'll be able to work on this for this week unfortunately sad.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 26 September 2006 11:51:44 am

Let me also support Brandan's question, any news for 3.8 branch? Thanks!

Friday 13 October 2006 11:48:01 am

I've decided to discontinue work on ezodcsm now that ezjaxx is coming along nicely and official ez ajax work is in the pipeline.

Please join this forum:


Friday 13 October 2006 1:01:49 pm

official ez ajax work

Will that be ezjaxx? You seem to know more than we do blunk.gif Emoticon

Friday 13 October 2006 1:32:21 pm

Its a 2+2 deduction happy.gif Emoticon eZ are discussing AJAX technologies on the mailing list and also checking in menu work into the trunk. Although this was recently removed.

Plus André is now working with eZ so.... happy.gif Emoticon


Thursday 02 November 2006 9:23:09 am

odcsm is causing the admin interface to die a grim death with more than 3 levels deep open. any ideas?


Tuesday 07 November 2006 3:59:37 pm

Hi Matthew,

Im not working on this extension anymore.

Have you tried ezjaxx to see if this issue is still there?


Tuesday 07 November 2006 5:47:46 pm

Hi Paul

It turns out the bug actually seems to be an underlying problem with ezpublish as of the latest release:

...increasing the memory limit 'solved' it, but I had always read that 64 MB is enough. Anyway, thanks for all your work on ezodcsm, it's been a great extension - I'll give ezjaxx a try.


Wednesday 27 February 2008 12:59:12 am

I removed the sticky since we have this feature build in since version 3.10


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