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Alter postgres table: suggestions?

Alter postgres table: suggestions?

Thursday 08 May 2014 6:41:18 pm - 3 replies

I'm looking for give the possibility to editors to insert a date upper to 2038 in a ezpublish legacy (community 2012.8) instance with Postgres.
Now postgres produces a fatal error and logs "ERROR: integer out of range"
I think run this sql:
ALTER TABLE ezcontentobject_attribute ALTER COLUMN data_int TYPE BIGINT;
ALTER TABLE ezcontentobject_attribute ALTER COLUMN sort_key_int TYPE BIGINT;
What do you think?
Thanks a lot

Thursday 03 July 2014 11:10:46 pm

The usual approach on this task would be, to create a field-type for this.
You may not alter any of the tables of ez-publish since it will harm the update-compatibility.

I've got to say, that I'm a bit strict on such subjects.
Same goes to kernel-hacks.

Anyway, you can adjust the field, but keep the things above in mind.

However I would suggest to create a FieldType for it.

Friday 04 July 2014 6:21:02 pm

Thanks Steve for your response.

I agree with you about not modify the kernel, but I think this is a bug, because in mysql environment there isn't that problem.

Saturday 05 July 2014 5:49:43 am

In that case, after adjusting the db-field in the corresponding file you should deploy a PR on the systems git-repo.

Then change the database but keep it in mind for the next update. Even though the tool for checking consistency will cry about it anyway.


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