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Alterate ContentClass from PHP code

Alterate ContentClass from PHP code

Monday 13 February 2012 4:09:25 pm - 3 replies

Hi there,

I would like to automaticalu modify some classes to make them containers.

I can test if they are containers with :

$class = eZContentClass::fetch( $class_id );
if ( $class->IsContainer == 0 )
    return false;
return true;

But I don't find how to change this state.

I suppose there is something to do with eZContentClassEditHandler but I don't understand how to use it.

Could someone help me ?



Monday 13 February 2012 4:22:27 pm

Hi Damien,

I guess the $class is a object, so you can just set the value. I have not tried it, but something like the code provided may work happy.gif Emoticon

 $class = eZContentClass::fetch($class_id);
$class->setAttribute('is_container', 1);

Monday 13 February 2012 4:38:57 pm

Hi Anders,

You were fully right ! happy.gif Emoticon


Thank you very much !

Tuesday 14 February 2012 8:17:06 am

Cool happy.gif Emoticon

No problem, glad to help!


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