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Always process a part of code despite view cache

Always process a part of code despite view cache

Tuesday 01 June 2010 8:25:38 pm - 1 reply

Hello again,

I am sure this question is already answered but i can't find the solution.

My view-cache and template-cache are enabled. I need to process my own operator each time a page is loaded despite the view-cache. I want the rest of the page to be cached.

I tried many things. The most logicial to me was to do this :

{cache-block expiry=1}

But it does not work. Any idea ?

Tuesday 01 June 2010 11:12:09 pm

1 - hackish way: put your operator in the pagelayout, percolate its results down the page into the node view via javascript (if it non security-sensitive it is often a good idea)

2 - proper way:

- set a cache_tll=0 (or 1) on node template

- add a cache block not around your own operator but around the rest of the page

hope it helps


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