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Anchor Tags in XML block

Anchor Tags in XML block

Thursday 18 August 2011 12:33:58 am - 1 reply

Has anybody else had a problem with using the anchor tags?

I am working on a site where the client wants anchor tags to link to items further down in the site.  I create my link and that works fine.  The problem arises when I add an anchor.  I add an anchor and give it a name, the anchor then exists in my xml block, but when I send for publishing my anchor tag does not appear on the front end; the anchor tags are also gone from the XML block when I go to re-examine that. 

Do anchor tags need to be enabled to work? Or is there some other reason why the anchor tags do not stick?

(using eZ Publish 4.4)

Thursday 18 August 2011 9:10:43 am

Hi Tyler,

AFAIK, anchors are available and enabled out of the box. I've just tested on my site (2011.07 / ezoe 5.4dev) and it seems to work as expected but I've only tested by putting the anchor in the middle of a paragraph. Perhaps you are putting the anchor inside another element and you've found a bug in the parser or it's a browser related issue? In any case, could you try with a more recent eZ Publish build and if you are able to reproduce the issue can you report in it in the issue tracker ?



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