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Apache problems

Apache problems

Thursday 11 July 2013 3:13:07 pm - 2 replies

Hey everyone,

I hope somone can help me. I try to do some redirects try apache2.conf file. I have some old redirects like this

RewriteRule ^/old_url /new_url [R=301,L]  and they works fine.

But if i use same command for new redirects its like apache don't see new re-directions. End if i try to replace some of old redirects with new one apache can not be restarted.

I really don't know why i cant add new redirects.

Thanks in advance!

Friday 12 July 2013 9:12:02 am

The flag [L] might be the cause of your problems. If a rule ending with [L] is matched, Apache will not process the next ones.

Can you paste your Apache configuration file or .htaccess ?

Friday 12 July 2013 1:24:24 pm

Thanks for reply!

This was a problem, everything is working now!

Thanks a lot!


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