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appendPolicy and siteaccess CRC encoding

appendPolicy and siteaccess CRC encoding

Wednesday 28 April 2010 4:29:55 pm


I just saw that when adding a policy with limitation to a siteacces the siteaccess value has to be the CRC of his name :

$role->appendPolicy( "user", "login", array( "SiteAccess" => array( eZSys::ezcrc32( $dstSiteaccess ) ) ) );

Anyone know why ?

It is especially used in ezxmlinstaller and when ezteamroom is installed :

<SiteAccess>2978804645</SiteAccess> {* CRC value of "ezteamroom" *}

It implies that siteacces name is hardcoded ;-(

Thanks for your anwsers happy.gif Emoticon

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