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Approval set by class

Approval set by class

Wednesday 06 April 2005 10:08:16 am - 3 replies

I have set up approval of articles, and this works fine. No articles get published before I approve them.

The problem is that my users are allowed to comment these articles. But because the comments get published in the same section as the articles, I have to approve them too, before they get published.

I've read through the docs and some forums posts, but haven't found anything about this.. What I basically need to do is to approve objects of class Article, but not of class Comment.

Any ideas are greatly appritiated happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 08 April 2005 10:00:38 am

Add an event multiplexer on the workflow process. One branch for the comments, the other for the other classes. Should do the trick.


Monday 30 May 2005 4:28:48 pm

Did you solve the problem? I have the same situation, and i make this workflow: Create an approval event, and then a multiplexer with the class that need to be approved before publish. But it didnt work. When users create content, all classes use this workflow.
Please, help me if you can.

Wednesday 27 July 2005 10:05:43 am

A late reply, but perhaps it can still be of use to others..

If I understand you correctly: You have to add the multiplexer before the approval workflow. In the multiplexer you specify the approval workflow as the one to run for your articles.


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