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Archiving Articles..

Archiving Articles..

Tuesday 08 April 2003 12:22:57 pm - 3 replies


How can we archive articles in ezpublish3? Is it possible to unpublish however a specific folder and all its content, then to republish it with all its content?

Thank you.

Friday 11 April 2003 4:11:35 pm

For this kind of behaviour we've created a cron job which will move the article to another folder after some time. To achieve this you will need to do some programming.

The cron job is a script which runs e.g. every day.


Sunday 13 April 2003 10:11:30 am


But Maybe I don't want to archive all articles on daily basis!! I Think it will be better to choose from two options: either archiving on some dailyu basis or arhiving the articles I want manually.

May we can implement a solution like creating new folders and moving the articles from the main content to these folders!


Thursday 01 May 2003 12:25:38 pm

Actually I've been thinkinig alot about this since I need lifecycle functionality.

What needs to be implemented is a lifecycle workflow which one can attach to every content object (and section / ++ / ?? ). What you would then do is to attach a 10-day... or a 20-day .. or indefinate .. or 1000 day lifecycle to the object (could be an article .. or an image .. or..) .. and after that lifecycle ends the object is archived and perhaps the user who created the object could get a notification (this should also be available in a tab to manage archived content) .. to decide if he wanted to edit the object again and attach a new lifecycle enabling the content object to be published again.

This should be quite easy .. provided the workflows/events/trigger stuff done in Ez has been implemented in a fair fashion.

Any ideas??

Bård: could you share the cron script you run to do this?? Just to have a look at it?? I really would like to see this..

Thanks in advance!

Jørgen Skogstad


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