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AttributeFilter with url datatype comparation not working, why?

AttributeFilter with url datatype comparation not working, why?

Wednesday 09 June 2010 6:30:42 pm - 2 replies

Dear I copy my problem:
I have a url type field, and when I compare if it is empty does not AttributeFilter me, it's like not taking and brings me all unfiltered:
$ SearchResult = eZSearch:: search ($ contenido_busqueda, array ('SearchContentClassID' => 53, 'AttributeFilter' => array (array (423,'!=',''))),$ searchArray)
$ SearchResult = eZSearch: search ($ contenido_busqueda, array ('SearchContentClassID' => 53 'AttributeFilter' => array (array ('tramite_new / link_tramite_online'''))),$'!=', searchArray)
I want to filter the results and not, as it should compare when url field is of type?
thank you very much


Friday 18 June 2010 5:50:03 pm

any reply? please?


Friday 06 August 2010 2:12:29 pm

Hello, a need any help:

As I can see if an attribute of type URL (link), which consists of two fields, one is a descriptive text and the other the corresponding link, always talking about the kind of data they handle eZpublish for the url, in a php script as consultants if that field has a link loaded or not?

Example: AttributeFilter '=> array (array (423 ,'!=',''))),$ searchArray)


AttributeFilter "=> Array (array (423 ,'<>',null ))),$ searchArray)

Or how?




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