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Bard or somebody on the ez team, where can I find this?

Bard or somebody on the ez team, where can I find this?

Wednesday 26 March 2003 3:43:02 pm - 7 replies

Hey guys/gals. Great work with the new release!

I'm currently using a textarea editing widget I wrote with 2.9-6. I have it integrated into eZ publish at my site, but you can see a standalone demo here

What I'm looking for is a reference for all the currently used article tags. I have a tag reference for 2.2.x, but it seems that many of those have changed. Please let me know where to find this so I can make a complete editing interface with my widget, and share it with the rest of eZ publish developers =)


Wednesday 26 March 2003 3:50:18 pm


Is this what you are after?

Wednesday 26 March 2003 4:02:14 pm

Thank you, I just couldn't find it =/


Wednesday 26 March 2003 4:04:27 pm

The online editor (OE) is a plug in editor to eZ publish. It does remove the need to use tags and still converts to XML.

It is currently released for 3.0, but a version for 2.2 will also soon be released.

for more info and demos.

It is a commercial product, but has the source code available.


Wednesday 26 March 2003 4:12:05 pm


The online editor looks nice but i notice it is only for ie. Does this mean that it uses those ie controls that wont work for other browsers?

I develop on Linux though i do use XP for page verifications, which would prevent me from using such a tool.


Wednesday 26 March 2003 4:18:44 pm

Yes it does only work with IE. The reason for this is that this tool is targeted at the end users of eZ publish which most often use IE. With IE we do get the best compatibility with word, for cut and past etc.

If you are not using IE you would just get the regular XML body of eZ publish. Different users of the same site can use different browsers and they can choose to turn on/the OE.

Wednesday 26 March 2003 4:35:16 pm

Yes, I acutally just saw the Online Editor. Looks great!

I suppose it somewhat makes my solution moot, but alas, mine is free blunk.gif Emoticon and really, it's a generic javascript class that I'm applying to eZ publish. It can just as easily be used for vBullitin or other environments.

Thanks just the same!

Wednesday 26 March 2003 4:39:01 pm

I'm often in the same situation (on linux), so i need something similar for mozilla. Version 1.3 has the basic building blocks and is implemented in a BSD style licensed product called htmlarea.


But again, this is still xhtml <> xml <> xhtml and may suffer from limitations on the textarea size limitations.

So to support more xml variants in the future, xopus and bitflux are the ones to take a look at.

Just my 0.02 ยค



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