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begginner - Learn ez publish

begginner - Learn ez publish

Tuesday 07 October 2014 11:32:24 am - 1 reply


I am a beginner for ezpublish  who is maintaining an existing Norvegian website as a developer. I have decided to learn ez publish.

Please can someone suggest  some good tutorials to follow as a beginner? 

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Tuesday 07 October 2014 8:18:04 pm

Hello upeksha,

You have made a life changing decision. I look forward to speaking with you in a year here in the forums to learn just how much you have grown in experience happy.gif Emoticon

The tutorials are located here:

Also worth reading are the blogs which often cover topics in mini tutorial style:

There is also community documentation of value at eZpedia:

Be warned it can take some years to become expert eZ Publish developers (there is just so much to learn and master), some never stop learning happy.gif Emoticon So just don't burn out ... it's going to take you time to master eZ Publish.

I hope this helps!


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