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Beloved windows, image handling help…

Beloved windows, image handling help…

Wednesday 28 October 2009 2:02:06 pm - 2 replies


I have been dealing with this problem for quite a long time. I have developed a site in windows (%^$@$%#!), it has a tree of products of four to six levels at the most. When images for each product is “generated” in all its declarations (image.ini at settings) and saved at the var directory the path is made up by a series of directories, the name of the image and the image variation name (small, large, and all custom variation)

The whole path is really too big for some images son when handling all the information within var directory is really a headache, when moving the whole site from one location to another I always get errors.

As images generated take several strings (tree path, node’s name, etc) and they sometimes quite big, the whole path takes to many characters , I now this has to deal with our beloved “windows”

What I need is a hack that allows me to modify the path generated for images variations and substitute all the elements by, for example node_id’s or else in order to make the path smaller.

This is an example of a long image path:


I need something different, for example:

var\ezwebin_site\storage\images\172\323\345\567 \568\282630-1-esl-ES\INS2463MN-C-Lampara-de-mesa-de-noche-tipo-C_medium.jpg

It does not matter if even the name of the image could be a node_id of the image itself, something like 455_medium.jpg or 455_large.jpg so it becomes something like:

var\ezwebin_site\storage\images\172\323\345\567 \568\282630-1-esl-ES\445_medium.jpg

Any help, please I have more than 1500 errors when copying information from one place to another…


Monday 02 November 2009 8:19:58 pm

Hello Jorge,

This "max path length" problem only comes from Explorer.exe itselves, maybe you should better look for a workaround to Windows Explorer, because windows is not limited on path lengths.

You can try this

PS : eZ Publish is REALLY better on linux/unix OS, even virtualized under windows.

Tuesday 27 January 2015 9:52:04 am

Try downloading "Long Path Tool " a guaranteed fix for this situation.


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