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Best practice to create XML used by embedded Flash slideshow

Best practice to create XML used by embedded Flash slideshow

Monday 17 January 2011 11:57:47 am - 7 replies

Hello eZ riders,

My client needs to embed flash slideshows in his pages. The slideshow class is a container and each of its children is a slide. It uses XML to be generated.

I am looking for the lightest way to create this XML. I have two ideas :

The first one is to use a new pagelayout.

The second one is to create a new module, changing the header and using eZExecution::cleanExit(); at the end.

Which one is the best solution ? Do you have another idea ?

Thank you very much.

Modified on Monday 17 January 2011 12:01:13 pm by Paul Etienney

Monday 17 January 2011 12:44:26 pm

What about an ezjscore ajax server call ? I only used it once but it was pretty simple to make a little AJAX module and though I used a JSON response, I think you can require XML format.

Check out this tutorial

Monday 17 January 2011 12:47:42 pm

Hello Benjamin,

Thank you for the suggestion. I keep it in mind. I would like to have other advices before choosing.

Monday 17 January 2011 1:52:46 pm

Hello Paul,

If your XML contents are not often updated, nor need to be always-up-to-date provided, I 'd suggest you to daily-generate your XML via a cronjob, using eZ PHP API + SimpleXML, & store it into a dedicated /var/storage/xml directory. That would be quicker to serve. Real time PHP-generated XML files hardly challenge Apache.

Modified on Monday 17 January 2011 1:55:24 pm by Ronan Guilloux

Monday 17 January 2011 2:26:33 pm

For this very simple use case, you'll be better of using an xml view of your contents. No need to touch a single line of php code (I know some devs prefer to do php rather than templates, but well...)

- use the layout/set module to create an xml pagelayout, to be served with the correct MIME content-type header

- create an empty template that will be used for 'xml' view of any content

- test it works: layout/set/xml/content/view/xml/2

- override usage of /node/view/xml.tpl for your gallery class, showing for it listing of children

- to make sure the view cache is generated for the xml view, change the value of CachedViewModes in config file site.ini.append.php

- if the generated urls are bit too long for you, use a wildcard url rewrite rule

You can also download the ggxmlview extension from and use it as starting point

Last but not least, there are some template operators used for json-encoding and xml-encoding available in the ezjscore extension

PS: I think this has been answered in the forums half a dozen times already... blunk.gif Emoticon

Modified on Monday 17 January 2011 2:27:56 pm by Gaetano Giunta

Wednesday 19 January 2011 12:05:08 pm

Hello Gaetano,

Thank you for this very complete answer. I think I will use your solution.


PS : My question was more a "What is the best practice ?" than a "How to ... ?". Be sure that i look for answer before asking questions happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Wednesday 19 January 2011 12:06:53 pm by Paul Etienney

Wednesday 19 January 2011 3:14:32 pm

Well, my word is the de-facto best practice, of course! blunk.gif Emoticon

But since two different opinions had been given, I preferred to give detailed instructions on a different approach so that you would be able to compare and judge by yourself, rather than simply assert the merits of it...

Friday 31 May 2013 9:32:34 am

Hi, Paul. I think the easiest idea is looking for a flash slide show maker. With it, you can create xml flash slideshow, then embed the slideshow for use.


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