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Best way to move for a new desing

Best way to move for a new desing

Thursday 25 September 2014 5:48:40 am - 5 replies


We are currently working on ez4.We are planning to move to a totally new design for the website.since there are lots of code with dependent, we want to keep old design and work with the new design concurrently.

So for that can we create another pagelayout.tpl or what is the standard method to move for a new design in an existing website.

can  we work with two pagelayouts at the same time.and access them?

Please I need expert advises?(I am a begginner for ez publish)

Thursday 25 September 2014 5:59:37 am

Hello upeksha,

You can create a separate design folder and separate siteaccess copy of your current siteaccess to use for side by side testing!

You can not use two pagelayout.tpl at the same time (sorry).

Best wishes on your new design!


Thursday 25 September 2014 8:11:12 am


Thank you very much .That is very useful.When we creating a seperate siteaccess  do will there be a sepearate admin panel for that ?

or can we access the same admin panel?

can we use the same login ?

do we have some references about how to create a separate siteaccess in ez publish?

Thursday 25 September 2014 9:02:09 am

Hello upeksha,

I'm happy I could help happy.gif Emoticon

When you create a new separate siteaccess you do not (usually) need to create a separate admin siteaccess you can use the existing admin siteaccess since your not making design changes to that (per say).

So yes, use the same admin siteaccess / panel.

Yes, You can use the same login username and password.

Yes, actually there is a very good tutorial on creating new siteaccesses, see here:

One tip I can share is you will need to use your admin siteaccess to grant the anonymous role permission to use your new siteaccess in the users > role and policy administration section of the admin. Hint: change the user | login policy to also cover your new siteaccess, save changes and reload the page no caches need to be cleared on this change.

I hope this helps!



Friday 03 October 2014 1:07:36 pm


In the tutorial you provided , its telling to swap the node.when i do it its replacing the content with the folder i have created. 

Then webiste is not working.any one knows the correct way to do this swap node correctly to create another siteaccess?

Friday 03 October 2014 5:03:59 pm

Hello again upeksha,

You will need to share more information than 'Then webiste is not working'. What exactly did you do and what exactly is happening as a result of that action?

The article is brief on this topic (I'll give you that) but the instructions are reliable and accurate. It's actually almost fool proof so you must be having a different problem and not realizing it.

More information please happy.gif Emoticon



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