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Bug in 4.3rc1 content/view/full when no override exist for class/node?

Bug in 4.3rc1 content/view/full when no override exist for class/node?

Thursday 25 March 2010 2:26:19 pm - 3 replies


we're testing 4.3 rc1 and we've noticed something very strange - when a class has no override defined in override.ini file, we get a blank page in browser when loading the full view of any object of this class. It seems the system is not loding the standard node/view/full.tpl when no override templates are found. Can anyone confirm this, or it's a problem coming from our installation and settings, and not from ezp release? The same blank page comes when you drop the virtual url and simply write ../content/view/full/XXXX in your browser.

Logs for project and apache do not give any warnings or errors, and for requested object I see 200 responce. Any ideas?



Thursday 25 March 2010 4:35:19 pm

Hi Denitsa,

Which package did you install ? eZ Webin? eZ Flow? Plain ?
And when you say "blank page", do you mean totally blank, or only the content part ?

Let us know,

Tuesday 06 April 2010 4:16:42 pm

Hi, Nic,

thanks for answer and sorry for late reply. Installation is with ezflow and ezwebin, but we do not use the common "install" though, so nothing could have happened there (I mean during install). And by "blank page" I mean totally blank - this is the strange. We checked everything, from settings, through extension order to disabling extensions and so on, and the same situation, that's why I decided to ask if anyone else had the same problem, but by your questions I assume that you do not have this issue, so I suppose it should be from our own installation?



Tuesday 06 April 2010 4:38:48 pm

Hello Denista,

No i do not face this issue. I think, from the symptoms you are describing, that you should check both apache and PHP error logs. What platform are you running eZ Publish on ?
Do you have the same issues with the final 4.3 version ?



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