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bundle composer.json

bundle composer.json

Thursday 08 October 2015 7:36:04 pm - 2 replies


Is ther someone who can help me how to configure composer.json for a Bundle.

I've developped a new Bundle ( but i'm not sure about composer.json configuration to provide a new feature for eZPlatform.


Thaks a lot.

Modified on Thursday 08 October 2015 7:41:10 pm by Emmanuel Drouet

Friday 09 October 2015 10:08:59 am

Hi Emmanuel,

For adding your bundle in your composer.json I think you must add this

"require" {
    "edgarez/faviconbundle" : "~1.0"


You can find the name of package by a search on (


The version number may be written in many ways :

  • "1.0.0" => the exact version number you need to add
  • "1.0.*" => the latest version that starts with "1.0"
  • ">=1.0.0,<1.2" =>composer will get the latest version of the given range
  • "~1.0" => the latest version for v1 (it's like ">=1.0, <2.0" )
  • "branch_name" => if you want a specific branch, you can get it by his name


I hope this help

Modified on Friday 09 October 2015 10:10:04 am by Patrick P.

Friday 09 October 2015 11:25:35 am

Hi Patrick

When you wrote that i should add my packagist bundle referece in the composer.json, i mean that you talk about ezplatform installation composer.json.

From ezplatform root, i've execute : composer require edgarez/faviconbundle

Then i have an error, but packagist bundle edgarez/faviconbundle was added in composer.json of my ezplatform installation.

So when i have execute : composer update, ezplatform requirements has been updated and my bundle edgarez/favicon has been installed.

My mistake is that i mean that when i execute "composer requier edgarez/faviconbundle" from an empty folder, that would install all requirements, so would install an ezplatform ... i mean i am stupid.

I will attempt to fix error when I execute "composer require edgarez/faviconbundle" from an ezplatform installation.


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