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calling a template within a template

calling a template within a template

Friday 03 October 2014 12:44:43 pm - 5 replies

Hi,I have created a template called frontpagenew.tpl by overriding pagelayout.tpl.I want to include a header.tpl and a footer.tpl inside frontpagenew.tpl .I have used this code.{include uri="design:/header.tpl"}but it is not working.can I call a template within a template.

Friday 03 October 2014 4:49:18 pm

Hello upeksha,

Can you please share the path to the 'header.tpl' template on the filesystem?

Also you should certainly remove the / from your include call, it does not belong.


Monday 06 October 2014 5:40:45 am

Thank you very much.happy.gif Emoticon

path is design/standard/templates/header.tpl is the path .

when I call the template like {include uri='design:header.tpl'} after removing / it works. Thank you happy.gif Emoticon

when i include a template which is inside extension/ezmove/design/plain_site/override/templates/footer.tpl.  it doesn,t included corretly.Is there a specific location in ez publish to place a template to include?

Modified on Monday 06 October 2014 5:41:25 am by upeksha ranawaka

Monday 06 October 2014 1:55:41 pm

Hello upeksha,

First you should not modify the default designs (at all ever).

You should create a custom design extension and move your template into this path:


Then in your template include use this:

{include uri='design:parts/header.tpl'}

Notice that include templates belong only (to my knowledge) in the templates folder and not in the override/templates folder which is why your second example fails to load correctly.

In the future only include templates in the templates/parts directory to be safe.

I hope this helps.


Modified on Tuesday 07 October 2014 5:47:53 am by // Heath

Tuesday 07 October 2014 5:25:13 am


Thank you very much.happy.gif Emoticon.I have solved my problem successfully with you'r help.happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 07 October 2014 5:48:41 am

Hello upeksha,

I'm glad I could help you find the solution!

Feel free to ask more questions by creating a new thread here in the forums.



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