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Can EZ post the form data in different modules?

Can EZ post the form data in different modules?

Sunday 04 January 2009 8:16:20 am - 4 replies

Hi all, there is a donate page in my site, and i want followings:

1. When client filling up the form, in the custom module, save the client's information into my own table in DB( or make ez send me an email )
2. Then re-post the form to another module( in this custom module, i may need to do some more processing for the data ), then fetch a total tpl.

I have created a custom module, and have finished item one, it save information successfully, but when i want to re-post the data to another module, i got stuck. i knew a method to pass parameters in modules, and tried to use

$Module->redirectionURIForModule($module, $viewName, $parameters = array(), $unorderedParameters = null, $userParameters = false, $anchor = false);

But, it seems that all the userParameters will listed in the url.

I think i just want to know after processing data post from a page in a custom module, how to post the data to another custom module, just "POST" not send data. Could anyone help me? Any suggestions are also welcome, thank you.

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Sunday 04 January 2009 8:49:43 am

You may need to write a custom php module to re-post the forum submitted to it to another module. You might want to look at the following function, <i></i>


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Sunday 04 January 2009 9:07:44 am

<smirk /> Some of us could use to learn from this exploit's use of the httpRequest object to submit a form from an eZ publish module view. Enjoy ....

From: <i>;cmd=details&id=7599</i>

$post_fields = array(
				'ContentObjectAttribute_data_user_login_30' => $ARG[u],
				'ContentObjectAttribute_data_user_password_30' => $ARG[p],
				'ContentObjectAttribute_data_user_password_confirm_30' => $ARG[p],
				'ContentObjectAttribute_data_user_email_30' => $ARG[e],
				'UserID' => '14',
				'PublishButton' => '1'
		$headers = array(
		    'User-Agent' => 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; ru; rv: Gecko/20080404 Firefox/',
		    'Referer' => $ARG[s]

		$res_http = new HttpRequest($ARG[s]."/user/register", HttpRequest::METH_POST);

		$response = $res_http->send()->getBody();

Cheers, <i>//kracker

Sole & The Skyrider Band,</i>

Sunday 04 January 2009 11:20:37 am

Hi Heath and kracker, thank you for the helps, i have got it : )

Sunday 04 January 2009 1:43:05 pm




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