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Can I use only legacy stack?

Can I use only legacy stack?

Sunday 09 June 2013 12:28:09 pm - 4 replies

I am planning to make an upgrade from version 2012.4 and I am wondering about version what I should take. I saw on ezUnconf what is a version 5 for now and I do not want to use version 5 (base on Symfony2) yet for my project.. I am thinking about legacy stack only. To be sure - can I still use only legacy version (2013.05) as a my CMS (without Symfony)?

Sunday 09 June 2013 5:01:30 pm

Hi Radek,

yes, running the Legacy stack alone is still possible and this should work without any issue.


Sunday 09 June 2013 7:30:59 pm

Hi Damien,

Thanks for reply. I will do an upgrade to clear legacy stack and I will back to approve happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 10 June 2013 3:19:42 pm

Just a word of warning: around eZP 5.0 (2012.9), all things in legacy Stack which had been declared DEPRECATED for ages have been finally removed. Better double-check your code when upgrading

Monday 10 June 2013 3:38:08 pm

´╗┐Gaetano, valuable tip, thanks! Fortunately since the items were marked as deprecated, I do not use them.


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