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Changing templates for folder/page

Changing templates for folder/page

Monday 05 August 2013 3:30:51 pm - 7 replies

Hey everyone!

  1. I am wondering how to change template of some folder/page. For example I have one page “news” and its acting like blog, calling all posts to this page. And now I want to change to be like regular page to put some custom content.  Is this possible from dashboard or directly from code.
  2. Can someone suggest me some good tutorial of hot to make new template, because I want to learn all about this and make few custom page layouts.

Thanks in advance!

Monday 05 August 2013 4:52:39 pm

Hi Zila,

I think these links could help you :

Tell me if you got trouble to understand something in the doc.



Tuesday 06 August 2013 8:08:02 am

Remy thanks for reply!

I read all this and i have one question. I have my file located in override/templates/line/news.tpl. And in my dashboard i found under ini settings file override.ini. but i cant see how to change layout for my page from blog layout to regular page layout?

Modified on Tuesday 06 August 2013 2:25:22 pm by Zila Stu

Tuesday 06 August 2013 4:16:17 pm

Hi Zila,

In override.ini you can define overrides for your nodes only.

To change the pagelayout, you have to specify a default / additional design for a siteaccess in it's site.ini (block DesignSettings).

Then you have to create a file named pagelayout.tpl in your design/<design name>/templates/ folder.

Fell free to ask other questions blunk.gif Emoticon



Wednesday 07 August 2013 12:13:57 pm

Wow! There is really a lot stuff to take care. Thanks man for helping!

I see that this is for site layout. But i need to change layout just for one page. And i cant find how to do this. I need to do this one to see how does this works, so i could experiment with other stuff.

So don't take me wrong for asking my questions because there is a lot of stuff to be learned. How to change layout of my page "News". I just know that i calling news.tpl. But i cant find how to call default layout for this page like for others pages. It must be some specific place because i really try to find by myself.

Wednesday 07 August 2013 2:04:39 pm

Hi Zila,

I'm sorry but it seems it's possible to override a pagelayout for a specific node :

You should place the overriding pagelayout template in the folder (or a any subdir of this folder) design/<your design>/override/templates/

Then in your override.ini.append.php, create a classic override rule :





Match[node]=<a node id> or  Match[class_identifier]=<a class identifier>...

This should work happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 07 August 2013 9:25:24 pm

Hello Zila,

This doc might also be good for you to read and study:


Modified on Wednesday 07 August 2013 10:46:30 pm by // Heath

Friday 09 August 2013 3:28:40 pm

Guys thanks a lot for assist!

I will try this in next few days to see how this works.

Thanks again!


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