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Changing users group in module

Changing users group in module

Thursday 18 March 2004 1:36:37 pm - 2 replies


Could someone tell me what would be the best solution to change the users group to other inside own module?
I have few thoughts how this could be done, but would like to get some other opinions also. So if you have any ideas or have already done it yourself, please post here some info about the process. happy.gif Emoticon

I think the easiest way to explain what I need is that, I want to change "ez objects" (user) "parent_node" (user group) to something else inside my own module without the user itself interacting with the process.


Friday 19 March 2004 1:33:54 am

Hi Jerry

IS this something that you want to do just in your module or is something you want to be a permanent change (i.e. actually effecting the objects in the database)?


Friday 19 March 2004 11:23:21 am

Hi Bruce,

Yes, this is something I want to do in my module. And I want the change to be permanent also.

So I just need to change users groupid after he/she has done something in my module. Right now, the only thing I'm missing is the one function that would do this change...



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