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Chat in eZ Publish

Chat in eZ Publish

Friday 02 August 2013 7:36:05 pm - 1 reply


Is there any up to date solution for an eZ Publish integrated chat application?

I found http://projects.ez.no/ezchat , which seems to require a rewrite for 4.7. And http://projects.ez.no/ezphpfreechat , which I couldn't make work because of javascript problems. The latter doesn't seem very well integrated with eZ, and could probably need an update on the phpfreechat version.

Is there anything else somewhere? Anyone made ezphpfreechat work?

Friday 02 August 2013 8:01:10 pm

Hello Arne,

We did a chat solution a long time ago. http://projects.ez.no/unofficialhabla

The service was re-branded shortly there after but the solution could be updated to work with the new service. It's basically a ezpublish extension that provides a javascript based chat for their service.

I hope this helps ..



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