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Clear the cache of one site on a multiple site environment

Clear the cache of one site on a multiple site environment

Tuesday 11 May 2010 4:34:24 pm - 4 replies


I have an instance that will host a dozens a website. Each website has his own subtree and var directory (var/'siteaccess_name')

How can I empty the cache of a specific siteaccess ?

Thank you happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 11 May 2010 4:42:06 pm

A solution would be to create a custom cache for each site using the new cache system in 4.3

Each custom cache would by linked to the cache dir of the current siteaccess.

But I wonder if there is not a simplier solution ?

Tuesday 11 May 2010 4:56:30 pm

Maybe ezcache.php with siteaccess parameter or site specific admin siteaccess?

Tuesday 11 May 2010 5:03:39 pm

It's what I''m looking for but we can't give a siteaccess to ezcache.php

Only clear-tag, clea-id, clear-all

Friday 14 May 2010 1:13:59 pm

After (useless) research I just found that the well known -s option is working happy.gif Emoticon

I really should have tested before ...


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