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Collaboration / ezapprove issue: Finished collaboration items still show up

Collaboration / ezapprove issue: Finished collaboration items still show up

Wednesday 02 June 2010 11:14:59 pm - 1 reply


We run a setup using a post-publish workflow with ezapprove. The problem is sometimes Collaboration Items still show up when they were acted upon (approved or rejected) on the collaboration summary page and there's no way in the interface to delete them.

I took a look at

The items there get counted and fetched using



{include uri="design:collaboration/item_list.tpl" item_list=fetch( "collaboration", "item_list", hash( "limit", $item_limit, "offset", $offset, "is_active", true()) )}
IMHO using "is_active" does not retrieve the right items in a setting with multiple users and different roles. I could not exactly reproduce which items get fetched and which not using "is_active" but here's how I fixed it:

latest_item_count=fetch("collaboration","item_count",hash("status", array(1), "parent_group_id",$parent_group_id))}

{include uri="design:collaboration/item_list.tpl" item_list=fetch( "collaboration", "item_list", hash( "limit", $item_limit, "offset", $offset, "status", array(1) ) )}

So we use "status" in "ezcollab_item" instead of "is_active" to retrieve active items and this is the way at least we expected it to behave.

Could anyone verify if this is bug or feature blunk.gif Emoticon ?

Kind regards,

Tuesday 04 January 2011 11:11:13 pm

worked in 4.4.0.



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