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Configuring extension siteaccess for cronjob

Configuring extension siteaccess for cronjob

Monday 29 April 2013 11:10:24 am - 3 replies

I'm trying to set siteaccess inside a custom extension. This extension can run using both web browser with a view and a cronjob, and can be launched from web view using admin siteaccess.

I have 2 custom ini files inside:



Now the problem is: when i run the extension from web view, like 

it works in both environment, but it doesn't work when it run using runcronjobs. In other words, it cannot find ini when it execute from cli php.

After that i understand why, i have to specify with -s the siteaccess like this:

php runcronjobs.php -s admin_dev nodeimport
php runcronjobs.php -s admin_test nodeimport

Now the question: how can i configure cronjob that every time executes use automatically a siteaccess that is different from the default one?

Wednesday 01 May 2013 11:23:14 am

As always, I recommedn to take a look at the code of ezcontentstaging extension for all needs related to content import  export.

Look at and serach for "edzmedia" to see how I serialize/deserialize binary file data

(in other words: for some datatypes fromstring()/tostring() are good, for some others not really enough

Modified on Wednesday 01 May 2013 11:24:08 am by Gaetano Giunta

Wednesday 01 May 2013 4:18:12 pm

It's actually possible to switch siteaccess on the fly, using something like this:

 eZSiteAccess::load( array( 'name' => $siteAccess, 'type' => eZSiteAccess::TYPE_HTTP_HOST ) );

However, there's no guarantee for which ini settings are actually reread because of this (ini settings are read at different times during the process of a script/page view). And I've never tried using it in a cronjob. So this requires lots of testing.

PS1: Now I wonder why you would need something like this? Might be there are better solutions?

PS2: Gaetano, I suspect you replied to the wrong post? happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 01 May 2013 7:16:52 pm

Arne, you are right of course - I was answering to another post from Ruben


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