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"Confirm E-Mail" field in user_account datatype

"Confirm E-Mail" field in user_account datatype

Thursday 09 December 2010 10:05:23 am - 2 replies


I have the problem that some users in my site are making mistakes in typing their e-mail address. for example a user types "" instead of "".

So it would be nice to have a field named "Confirm E-Mail" where the user types his e-mail address again and eZ compares these two addresses...

Has anyone ever seen a datatype like that or created a custom datatype that can handle my request??

Thanks for your help.


Modified on Thursday 09 December 2010 10:06:48 am by Philip K.

Thursday 09 December 2010 12:25:27 pm

Hi Philip,

Good one. As a workaround measure, you can override the ezuser datatype's edit template, enforcing this double-check on the email address with javascript. For a more accessible version of this, the datatype itself should be altered, adding server-side checks and returning warnings when not ok. This will, for now given that datatypes are not overridable through a kernel override yet, need to be built through a new datatype i think.

Cheers !

Thursday 09 December 2010 4:33:43 pm

Hi Nicolas,

thanks for your reply.

In a first step I followed your suggestion and realized this functionality with an override of the datatype/edit/ezuser.tpl in combination with javascript.

But this is only a "quick and dirty" solution and I think for the future I will create a custom datatype that meets my requirements.



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