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Conflicts with updateniceurls.php and flatten.php

Conflicts with updateniceurls.php and flatten.php

Thursday 13 January 2011 8:09:57 pm - 1 reply


I'm trying to clean up my company's ezpublish database. So after I recommended updateniceurls.php and flatten.php (which solves some of the problems we're facing), the biggest concern was "What happens to objects that are being edited/published with either of these scripts are in the middle of running?"

Perhaps a better question would be, can I run these scripts on a production database where people are constantly working? Are there any conflicts if an object is flattened or its friendly url is updated while someone is editing it?



Friday 14 January 2011 1:14:45 am

This is actually a very good question... the short answer is no.

One example: flatten calls eZContentObjectVersion::removeVersions(). This method removes every temporary version (drafts, internal drafts, rejects, etc). This is a problem for internal drafts, as they might be used.

However, the method has an expiry parameter. It should be set to a sane value (maybe we have such an editing timeout already ?).

I haven't checked the other calls yet.


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