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Content delete workflow triggered for specific classes

Content delete workflow triggered for specific classes

Saturday 22 February 2014 7:40:24 am - 2 replies

Hi all

Given that I needed to run a custom workflow every time content from a specific set of object classes were removed, I scripted a simple workflow.
As I usually do with content/publish workflows, I attempted to implement the class limitation by encapsulating the workflow within a multiplexer (directly through the admin console).
But I verified that my workflow never get's triggered.
I can imagine why it would not: Delete seems to be being triggered with a list of nodes, therefore class verification will probably fail in multiplexer verification...

In order not to get stuck, I ended up:
Removing the class limitation from the multiplexer workflow;
Hard coding the class verification logic into the php layer (within the foreach block of the delete workflow type).

I am still unsure if this is the best and/or the only way to deal with these situations.
I am still using a 2012.6 (strict legacy), non patched source.
Would anyone suggest a different approach?

Cheers and thanks for your time,

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Saturday 22 February 2014 12:30:36 pm

Your approach is fine.

You might want to add custom ini settings for the list of classes to filter on, to make sure it it at least a bit flexible.

The other way would be to create a new multiplexer event which can filter based on content classes and hooked up to other events than just content/publish. It would be an enriching experience, but it would take you definitely more time.

You can see some examples of generic workflow events at (in particular the node-location multiplexer)

Monday 24 February 2014 4:26:48 pm

Thank you, Gaetano.

That was the reassurance that I was aiming for.




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