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Content fetching issue

Content fetching issue

Thursday 19 December 2013 11:50:12 am - 1 reply

Hello Community,


I'm facing an issue that leaves me clueless.


I got back from production a website running under ez publish 4.3, i installed a dump of my database under a 5.1 mysql server.

Apparently i cannot fetch content properly. When i try to go on the homepage the layout appears as expected, but there's no content nor content related template in it.

When i log in the admin interface, i get half of the content i'm supposed to get even though i'm using an administrator account.

I tried to launch several CRON jobs and it appears that the function eZContentObjectTreeNode::fetch doesn't work well.


Debugging it in Mysql Workbench i realised that BITWISE operators may be related to the issue i'm facing. If i put ezcontentobject.language_mask and ezcontentobject_name.language_id in comments, my query works fine, otherwise it's just dead.

I cannot even begin to imagine why this is happening. Is it a server configuration issue? Because on production it works well, and i had to set up my environment from scratch before working back on this.



Here's the original query (i'm sorry, i'm not use to the scripts tags here and cannot get this to work either ><...) :



SELECT ezcontentobject.*,                       ezcontentobject_tree.*,                       ezcontentclass.serialized_name_list as class_serialized_name_list,                       ezcontentclass.identifier as class_identifier,                       ezcontentclass.is_container as is_container                       , as name,  ezcontentobject_name.real_translation                 FROM ezcontentobject_tree,                     ezcontentobject,                     ezcontentclass                     , ezcontentobject_name                 WHERE node_id = 3199 AND              AND                      ezcontentclass.version=0  AND             = ezcontentobject.contentclass_id                       AND  ezcontentobject.language_mask & 1 > 0 
                       and  ezcontentobject_tree.contentobject_id = ezcontentobject_name.contentobject_id and                                  ezcontentobject_tree.contentobject_version = ezcontentobject_name.content_version and  ( ezcontentobject_name.language_id & ezcontentobject.language_mask > 0 AND     ( (   ezcontentobject.language_mask - ( ezcontentobject.language_mask & ezcontentobject_name.language_id ) ) & 1 )   <     ( ezcontentobject_name.language_id & 1 ) )

Modified on Thursday 19 December 2013 11:53:04 am by Thomas Seillan

Thursday 19 December 2013 12:12:07 pm

Ok, apparently clearing the caches in the admin interface wasn't enough, so i went brutal style :


php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge


It seems to have fixed my issue, i finally get to see my content!

Last unknown fact is : will it work with my crons as well...? To be continued...


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