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Content type and rights

Content type and rights

Thursday 29 July 2010 11:58:12 am - 2 replies

Hi all,

I have to develop a feature and I have really no idea on how to proceed, maybe you could help. Here's the need of my customer :

An article page is a content made of around 40 attributes (Text line, Rich text, Images and so on).

In this content type, my customer would like to have the following features :

- Being able to edit a "Paragraph" sub content inside the edit form of the Article one. A "Paragraph" is a content with 20 attributes.

- Being able to set up a limitation by attributes. E.g. Contributors A can modify attributes 1 to 10 and Contributors B can modify attributes 11 to 40.

Other points :

- The article has to contain everything (one interface and one page), Ajax is possible but no redirect or publish in three steps.

- Everything has to be versionnable : Article AND Paragraph.

- The version of eZ used is 4.3.

Thank you for any response.


Thursday 29 July 2010 1:33:30 pm

The fastest, and non-secure, solution is to create an override of the edit template and make some fields hidden to a group of users, but it could be bypassed with firebug.

Solution b is create an override of the edit template, make some fields hidden to a group of users, change the post action to a module you will create, this module will control the update of the object.

Monday 02 August 2010 2:25:21 pm

Create 2 classes :

  • Article
  • Paragraph

And store your content like this :


  • Paragraph1
  • Paragraph2
  • Paragraph3

Set your rights & policies (for each content class)

Create an AJAX interface to add paragraph (like an AJAX comment system, like on my gandbox's blog AJAX comment system)


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