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Convert Text Block -> XML Block

Convert Text Block -> XML Block

Thursday 01 December 2005 12:56:30 pm - 5 replies

Because I would like to make use of en eZ Online Editor I need to change all fields in my class definitions that are currently Text Blocks to XML Blocks. This is not a problem, however the data stored in the old text blocks is not converted to XML Block data. Obvously it is nog acceptable to loose all existing data.

What would be the best way to go about this change from text blocks to XML blocks with the preservation of the data stored in de text block fields?

Thanks for your help.

Modified on Thursday 01 December 2005 12:57:07 pm by Ruben van Eijnatten

Saturday 07 July 2007 1:46:15 pm

This is my problem too.
need to convert text block to xml block or enable the editor to text block data tybe
thanks alot
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Modified on Saturday 07 July 2007 1:58:57 pm by Tamer Solieman

Tuesday 28 August 2007 1:01:30 pm

I'd guess this is impossible. That's bad. Did anybody have any luck with this?

Tuesday 28 August 2007 1:40:29 pm

This is possible.

Use this extension:
And add a eztextblock to ezxmlblock translator...

Wednesday 05 September 2007 2:43:24 pm

But exactly what are the eZ API PHP functions/methods for doing correct conversions?

Wednesday 05 September 2007 3:18:50 pm

I found this hints:


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