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Copy paste from one translation to another

Copy paste from one translation to another

Wednesday 10 February 2010 1:20:05 pm


I am working on a project where our client would like to be able to use pure copy paste of embedded elements within the body field (xmlblock) of an article.

When i do this copy from my original content in english to e.g german it seems we are not able to fully trust that all these relations are sucesfully transferred as expected.


In the body field i add a reference to another node using the embed tag with one of its views (embed,link).

After this i try to select all in the body field and use regular ctrl c.

When i edit my german version of the article the embedded link is lost (no paperclip existis.

My main questions is this : Is it suppose to be possible to select all in the body field and do a ctr c and paste this into the german article?

I hate to say it , but features which sometimes work in some situations but not all is not a working feature...

Hope to get some feedback.

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