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Create automatically an assignement

Create automatically an assignement

Tuesday 04 August 2009 2:40:06 pm - 7 replies


i want to create a document on my extranet site and i would like to know if it's possible to add automatically an assignment in a specify folder (with AddAssignmentButton) ?

thanks a lot for your help

Tuesday 04 August 2009 4:40:41 pm

Yes, using the locations features in the admin manually of course [0]
or using the workflow event system to automate this process
(their are several which offer similar functionality). [1-4]

By what criteria would you like to determine weather assignment should be added?

By default to all objects of a specific content class or some other criteria?

I think I would recommend the most recent related extension as the basis for your solution. [3]


[0] http://ez.no/doc/ez_publish/user_...sks/publishing_at_multiple_locations
[1] http://ez.no/developer/contribs/w...ed_user_placement_for_ez_publish_3_8
[2] http://ez.no/developer/contribs/workflow/automated_user_placment
[3] http://projects.ez.no/createmultiplelocationruleevent
[4] http://ez.no/developer/contribs/workflow/locations_workflow_event

Tuesday 04 August 2009 5:18:53 pm

thanks for your help
I can't do that manually...

each time that i add a document, i want to create a assignment of this document in a folder (i have the id)
it depends also of the content class

i tried the extension [4] but i have some errors with the workflow, i think i don't understand how this extension work...

Tuesday 04 August 2009 5:29:42 pm

That's too bad.

You could publish your errors in the project's forum in an attempt to solve those errors,

In order to publish in the manner you describe you may require technical changes such as these.

For the experienced developer these are relatively simple pieces of custom php which provide the features you need.

To the average user it appears insurmountable ... but if you are dedicated you can achieve your goals.

Best of luck


Modified on Thursday 06 August 2009 9:42:35 am by James James

Wednesday 05 August 2009 10:38:20 am

I have the 3.9.4 version of ezpublish, but the extension works with 3.5 and 3.6...
this can be a problem ?

when i run the script runcronjobs.php (like this : php runcronjobs.php), i have this error :

Running cronjobs/workflow.php
Checking for workflow processes

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /sites/MY_SITE/kernel/content/ezcontentoperationcollection.php on line 311

Fatal error: eZ publish did not finish its request
The execution of eZ publish was abruptly ended, the debug output is present below.

Do you know why i have this error ?

Wednesday 05 August 2009 1:17:09 pm


Have you tried this extension ?


Wednesday 05 August 2009 2:10:34 pm

I can't use this extension because my ezpublish's version is 3.9.4, it's not compatible...
but the other extension is compatible width 3.5 and 3.6, so this extension can work correctly with my ezpublish's version ??

Thursday 06 August 2009 9:45:53 am


Just about any developer could prolly backport the php in the extension etc in order to be compatible with 3.9. This is not a complicated extension. Yet it is a respectable challenge.



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