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Create custom comments/review

Create custom comments/review

Friday 14 May 2010 5:19:34 am - 6 replies

Hello all,

I have been experimenting with Ez for the past week, and overall, I really like how the system is coded underneath - it really seems it just a matter of figuring out what goes where.

One of the main things I want to with EZ is create custom content types and have related content. What I want to do is have a special type of article, which is a db entry that will have specific information about a product, I then want to create a specific review attached to each of these types. 

The review should be just like comments at the bottom of an article, but with some more fields and allow ratings based on various criteria (not just one set of stars). It would also be good if there was the ability to tally up these multi-factor scored and present and overall review, but maintain the individual components of each reviews score. 

I tried to find some documentation, but it was not very clear or easy to follow and I have difficulty telling which articles are current and applicable for 4.3, a lot of the documentation is very old. I think I more or less just want to clone the comments for the most part but I guess also create a clone of article that has a "enable review" instead of "enable comment" checkbox.

Can someone point me in the right direction with current documentation, or tell me which files I need to look at to work on the cloning? Is it also possible to have anonymous users submit these reviews? 

Friday 14 May 2010 3:07:39 pm


Yes the quality of the code is what intrigues. And the pace of innovation is scorching.

The documentation has difficulty keeping up. eZ is not the only innovator with this problem. Coders are working too fast for writers to keep up ;~}

If I understand correctly, a new class is a pointer in the right direction.

Admin login then Setup->Classes->Content and copy the article or documentation class, add remove fields as you wish.

When saved, the new class I think is immediately available, if not clear caches and it should be ready to use.

More on creating new classes.. --full screen it


Saturday 15 May 2010 11:28:16 pm

Thanks for the start . I had figured out how to create the classes with the wizard, my big issue was getting all the php and form files to come out correctly, I figure I just missed something in a tutorial.

The big issue which does not seem to be covered well at all was getting users to be able to submit from the frontend without being "authors" on the site and tying the reviews to other classes. I had read one tutorial but it was confusing between information collector and not - he said he was doing one thing, but then he later changed his mind, would tell you to edit files without referring to the needed file names, etc.

Wednesday 11 August 2010 7:29:38 am

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Wednesday 11 August 2010 7:42:32 am

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Wednesday 11 August 2010 7:49:40 am

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Friday 16 September 2011 4:16:13 am

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