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Creating a user in one step and/or validating input

Creating a user in one step and/or validating input

Monday 21 November 2011 3:03:57 pm - 2 replies


I've tried searching for a solution to what I need and I'm getting lost. Maybe the answer is in one of the pages I've looked at but it is beyond me.

I'd like to have a simple register user form within the pagelayout rather than (or not just) in the user/register page. But going to user/register makes a new object which I'm not going to do every time somebody goes to any page on the site. Is it possible to send the form data to user/register without an object already waiting for it?

Alternatively I can make my own module that will register the user with a backend similar to but how do you validate the input?



Monday 21 November 2011 4:13:43 pm

Hello Jon,

For this kind of use case I would consider creating custom solution which meets your unique requirements and uses ezjscore (preferred) or a custom module view (just as acceptable). I would perform the validation via javascript through ajax requests to the ezjscore service or module view.


I hope this helps ...




Tuesday 22 November 2011 12:41:30 pm



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