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creating content objects and snowballs

creating content objects and snowballs

Thursday 27 March 2003 1:53:14 pm - 3 replies


It looks like there is a lot of documentation for ezpublish 3. That's great!

I was looking at the sdk documentation, specifically the article on "creating content objects." Toward the bottom were some related links to:

Porter's algorithm
snowball stemming algorithms.

Those links confused me a little, as I do not understand why they are important and why they are related to ezpublish content objects. Do you think you could provide a little more context as to why you include those links? Does anyone know the significance of those algorithms vis a vis ezpublish 3?


Heather Buch

Thursday 27 March 2003 1:56:25 pm

I'm sorry, the links to those algorithms appears in the "creating content classes" (not "creating content objects"blunk.gif Emoticon section of the ezpublish 3 sdk documentation.


Thursday 27 March 2003 2:41:59 pm

Those links should be on the search. It's related to the indexing algorithm of the built in search engine of eZ publish.

So, it's a bug in the documentation.


Thursday 27 March 2003 2:48:22 pm

Oh ok. Whew!



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